Identity as a Service

Verify user's identities accurately with reusable identities and Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Create tamper-proof digital documents and cards, safe from phishing and easily verified by industry standards.
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Credential Issuance

Build new identity wallets or add reusable identity features to your systems and services.

Whether you're developing new identity wallets or integrating reusable identity management features into existing systems and services, we've got you covered.

Crafted for the dynamic needs of modern digital ecosystems, our identity management solutions are secure, adaptable, interoperable, and user-centric.

Wallets and Storage

Simplify identity management with a secure wallet for every platform.

Securely collect, store, verify, and share information with the power of reusable identities. Our wallet solutions are compatible with any platform.

And if you're starting from scratch, our white-label model ensures a quick launch with a pre-built, tested solution, saving you time and money


Utilize common standards for simplified identity verification.

Make your 'Identity as a Service' dream a reality using common standards for simplified verification.

Apply zero trust principles through authentication templates that allow controlled sharing of identity information according to organization-defined verification policies.

Explore Infisign PlayGround and discover the potential of reusable identities.

You can enhance administrative efficiency and reduce overhead costs with:

Seamless Integration
Leverage reusable identities and verification APIs, SDKs, and toolkits to integrate effortlessly with your existing systems and applications.
Flexible Identity Management
Link your business with today's methods of identity usage, whether through your smartphone's digital wallet or a physical format.
Industry-Wide Benefits
Simplify identity verification processes across any industry—streamlining tasks and reducing admin stress.
AI Access Assist
Easily get the answers to any question about reusable identities and how you can use them through our in-built AI access assist. See what Infisign PlayGround can do for you.

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Why do I need an IDaaS provider?
An Identity Service ensures users are who they claim to be and grants them the right access to software, files, or resources at the right times. Building this on-site means handling every problem as it arises. For instance, if an employee switches phones, the system must adapt instantly.

Using a centralized cloud-based system designed by identity experts means you don’t have to sweat the server costs or the hassle.
How do we guard against evolving cybersecurity threats?
We regularly perform VAPT tests along with ethical hacking to make sure your valuable data is watertight.

We also follow the market standard alongside cryptographic hashes, public key encryption, and Blockchain. This ensures an extra layer of robust security, safeguarding user information against breaches and unauthorized access.
Do you integrate with my preferred system?
We provide over 5,000 pre-built integrations, ensuring maximum compatibility and flexibility across various applications, services, and platforms.

We understand that all organizations are unique and so are their needs. That’s why we also offer rapid customization for whatever your stack requires.
What protocols do we use?
We support the latest in global standards: OpenID, W3C, DIF, eIDAS2.0. Our commitment to standards drives everything we do.
Why are decentralized identifiers more secure?
Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are unique identifiers linked to entities like users, devices, or organizations. Unlike centralized systems, DIDs offer greater control and privacy, as they aren't bound to a single authority or intermediary.
Do you have a specific use case in mind but don't see it here?
Our flexible platform might just have the solution you need; if not, we’ll work on it together to help you achieve your goals! We’re all about being adaptable. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to collaborate.

Real results and success stories, from our customers.

With Infisign's Zero Trust Authentication Templates enable controlled sharing of identity information, establishing secure connections based on organizational verification policies. It remains a highly recommended software for IAM.

Kevin R

Infisign's Passwordless Single Sign-On implementation has significantly improved the efficiency of accessing systems across our enterprise, streamlining workflows and boosting overall productivity and security.

Sam S
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Drive operational efficiency and tighten security with Infisign.

Leverage cutting-edge technology like Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Zero Trust architecture, and reusable identity.