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The modern, zero-trust, scalable IAM solution tailored for your organization.

Build identity-based security infrastructure and make access management a breeze with SSO and passwordless authentications.
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Keep security, privacy, and compliance front and center with adaptive access control.

Passwordless Authentications

Say goodbye to passwords and hello to a secure and user-friendly login experience.

Privileged Access Management

Safeguard critical assets by securing privileged accounts and monitoring user activities.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Provide users with a hassle-free login experience with seamless integration with top SSO platforms like Infisign, Okta, and Azure AD.

Managed Password Web Authentication

Utilize a Zero Knowledge Proof password vault to store master passwords without disclosing them to end users.

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Get visibility over all active sessions and user logins through logs and reports. Monitor rights, privileges, access requests, and approvals for easy auditing and compliance.


Enable user federation across multiple applications and Single Sign-On with passwordless authentication, and manage them from one source.

Network Access Gateway

Get unified federation and SSO in hybrid environments. Seamlessly integrate on-premise and cloud ecosystems.

Lifecycle Management

Effortlessly manage your workforce throughout their life cycle within the organization.
Streamline onboarding by automatically assigning appropriate roles and access based on predefined policies.
Administrators can easily assign and modify roles, ensuring that users only have the access they need to perform their tasks.
Easily offboard users from the system when they leave the organization. Ensure that all accesses are revoked and data is secured.

AI-powered Access Assist

Streamline enterprise access and identity queries using AI-powered chat capabilities and self-service.

Intelligent Automation

Effortlessly manage employee identities from onboarding to offboarding with intuitive workflows.

Adaptive Authentication

AI analyzes user behavior, location, and access patterns, adjusting protections dynamically for maximum security with minimal user hassle.

Predictive Threat Defense

Machine learning algorithms proactively identify and prevent potential security threats before they happen.

Compliance and Governance

Streamlined audits and guaranteed adherence to industry standards with intelligent monitoring and reporting.

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With Infisign's Zero Trust Authentication Templates enable controlled sharing of identity information, establishing secure connections based on organizational verification policies. It remains a highly recommended software for IAM.

Kevin R

Infisign's Passwordless Single Sign-On implementation has significantly improved the efficiency of accessing systems across our enterprise, streamlining workflows and boosting overall productivity and security.

Sam S
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Password Vaults

Are easy targets for hackers, because all your master passwords are stored in central databases.
They lack control over user privileges, leaving you in the dark about who's got access to what.

Traditional IAMs

Need to be updated in terms of integrations, compliance, or usability. They're clunky and prone to breaches.
Most of them use FIDO protocols that rely on hardware devices—risking exposed private keys and compatibility headaches.


Employs zero-knowledge proofs for secure data verification without revealing sensitive information. Decentralized storage enhances security against breaches.
Has modern UI that makes compliance navigable, and simplifies visibility and reporting.

Rock-solid security and access management, spanning every sector.

Streamline enterprise access and identity queries using AI-powered chat capabilities and self-service.

Unmatched security

Keep your data safe with threat detection, and advanced encryption algorithms, and behavioral analysis with a zero trust focus.

Easy compliance

Role and attribute-based access management that makes compliance a cinch.

Built to scale

Meet modern business performance needs with AI-powered automations and access assistance.

Custom integrations

Custom-built integrations for maximum compatibility and flexibility across all applications and platforms.

24x7 human support

Championing AI doesn’t mean that we’ll throw you to the chatbots for any fixes or help. We’ve got your back from setup to ongoing support.

Get ease-of-use, security and flexibility all in one IAM platform.

Experience AI-enhanced IAM capabilities and better security through:
Reusable identity
Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Zero Trust practices
AI Agents