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Enable enterprise efficiency for your product with secure authentication and SSO implementation.

Get to market faster with seamless authentication and unbeatable security for hassle-free customer identity and access management.


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Easily create, scale, and manage Single Sign-On tenants for your enterprise clients.

Universal SSO Integration
Integrate seamlessly with top Single Sign-On (SSO) platforms like Infisign, Okta, and Azure AD for a unified login experience. Provide users with a hassle-free login experience, reducing password fatigue.
Instant Tenant Provisioning
Create OpenID Connect or SAML2 tenants in seconds, eliminating tedious setup processes.
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Manage user permissions precisely, ensuring the right people have access by implementing RBAC policies. Define user permissions and ensure secure access within your product.
Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC)
Efficiently handle access requests by dynamically evaluating multiple attributes in real-time. Grant access only when specified conditions are met for secure, flexible data management.

Get modern, ultra-secure authentication and authorization for your app in days.

Send a special login link via email or SMS for easy onboarding and authentication—no extra passwords needed.
Enable Social Sign-Ons and Authentication to your SaaS product with an embeddable widget.
Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP)
Integrate ZKP-based Passwordless Authentication into your app to verify user identities without ever exposing actual passwords.
Social Logins
Sign in to your app with Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.
Email + OTP
Add an extra layer of security to your login process by requiring users to enter a temporary code sent via SMS or authentication app.

Secure access with conditional access policies that don’t compromise user experience.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Add support for MFA to your authentication methods. Connect to popular MFA options such as Passkeys, FIDO Devices, and more.
Enhance security and reduce spam with integrated ReCaptcha. Protect your application from bots and automated abuse by verifying human users.
Perimeter Based Control
Implement location-based control to ensure secure access based on user location. Restrict or allow access depending on the geographical location of the user.
Whitelisted IPs
Allow access only from specified IP addresses for added security. Create a list of trusted IP addresses that can access your systems, blocking all others to reduce unauthorized access.
Brute Force Protection
Protect against brute force attacks and spamming with features like IP throttling, login thresholds, and more.

Connect your app to popular enterprise employee directories with Directory Sync.

SCIM Provisioning
Integration with popular active directories like Azure, Okta, Entra ID.
HRIS integration
Enhance security and reduce spam with integrated ReCaptcha. Protect your application from bots and automated abuse by verifying human users.
Automatic Provisioning
Integration with popular active directories like Azure, Okta, Entra ID.

Manage onboarding and streamline authentication all in one place.

Admin Portal
Onboard enterprise customers with a secure self-serve experience with customizable branding.
User Management Console
Manage user accounts, roles, and permissions effectively through an intuitive admin dashboard.
Efficient APIs automate user tasks with clear documentation and SDKs for easy integration.

Get better visibility with comprehensive audit logs, reports, and analytics.

Access transactional log export APIs for seamless integration of audit data or custom reporting.
Get simplified audit and compliance monitoring with pre-configured reports and dashboards.
Stay informed with real-time alerting for critical security events.

Get ahead with SSO and attract more enterprise clients with the UniFed advantage.

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Want to know more about UniFed? Explore our FAQs.

Can SSO be customized for my app?
Absolutely! Our SSO solution offers customization options to fit your app's unique needs and branding.
What makes SSO secure?
SSO utilizes encryption and secure token exchange, minimizing vulnerabilities and enhancing data protection.
How do we guard against evolving cybersecurity threats?
We regularly perform VAPT tests along with ethical hacking to make sure your valuable data is watertight.
What protocols do we use?
We follow the market standard and also use cryptographic hashes, public key encryption, and Blockchain. This ensures an extra layer of robust security, safeguarding user information against breaches and unauthorized access.
Do you integrate with my preferred system?
We provide over 5,000 pre-built integrations, ensuring maximum compatibility and flexibility across various applications, services, and platforms. Browse through them here.

We understand that all organizations are unique and so are their needs. That’s why we also offer rapid customization for whatever your stack requires.
Does Infisign provide support?
We offer 24x7 support. Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way.  We ensure you get the most out of Infisign from setup to ongoing maintenance.
What is customer identity and access management (CIAM)?
Customer identity and access management (CIAM) lets users sign up, sign in, and access an organization’s digital services. CIAM adds a digital identity layer to customer-facing apps, enabling users to manage preferences and privacy settings.

Real results and success stories, from our customers.

With Infisign's Zero Trust Authentication Templates enable controlled sharing of identity information, establishing secure connections based on organizational verification policies. It remains a highly recommended software for IAM.

Kevin R

Infisign's Passwordless Single Sign-On implementation has significantly improved the efficiency of accessing systems across our enterprise, streamlining workflows and boosting overall productivity and security.

Sam S
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Beat the competition with lightning-quick SSO setup.

Leverage cutting-edge technology to get to market faster with Infisign’s customer identity and access management solutions.